The capital palace “Zhastar” has opened the 42nd creative season


The capital palace “Zhastar” has opened the creative season with an enormous concert. Young talents of collectives and studios of the capital institution showed performances on summer stage of the Palace. Vocalists, dancers and actors showed their best acts, and team leaders invited everyone to attend classes in the new season..

Director of the “Zhastar” Palace Sergei Solodovnikov gave an official start to the creative season:

“Our palace is always open for good friends and good people. Here we and our guys with great pleasure are engaged in dances of different directions, we learn vocal, drawing, we comprehend the basics of theatrical art, and we try to make good holidays for our friends. The last creative season was very intense. Our children took part in various republican and international competitions. I’m sure the coming season will be no less intense. We will become even more. We are waiting for new friends. Come to us. About new events you can learn from the posters on our website, as well as from the media. We will be happy to give you our creativity. So, let me, consider the new creative season open. Good luck!”.

For many years the “Zhastar” palace is famous for its creative collectives and studios. For example, one of them is much older than the Palace itself. This year the national ensemble of variety dance “Rovesnik” celebrates its 73-year-old birthday. For 73 years of existence, the collective has produced so many generations of pupils, many times became the winner of city, international and republican competitions. However, the current generation of “Rovesnik” is not inferior to the previous one. Only last year the dancers brought four main awards of international competitions “Exercise” and “On the wings of a dream”.

Also in the Palace there are four more professional choreographic groups: Dance and Sports Club “Sunday”, School of contemporary ballet “Ast City Ballet”, Studio of Contemporary and Variety Dance “Raduga” and Dance Theater “Vremya”. Dancers are the winners of republican and international competitions.

The third season in the palace is opened by the theater studio “M-Art”. For a short period of time, the young actors of the theater showed their skills to the international public. Moreover, the talents became worthy owners of the Grand Prix of the All-Russian Festival “ART-Lyceum” in Moscow. Talents regularly take part in staging performances, show programs and creative events of the Palace and the city.

The musical training of the visitors of the Palace was undertaken by the vocal studio “Jas’Art”. Jas’Art participiants actively participate in the cultural life of the Palace and the capital in the last year, they represent their creativity with dignity at competitions and festivals of city, republican and international level, as well as participate in theatrical performances.

A special pride of the staff of the palace is the studio of fine arts. Here draw as young artists, and adults. Fans of Fine Arts have the opportunity to get individual lessons, as well as take part in competitions and creative events of the Palace.

This year, Jas’Art participiants have opened School of Leadership “Arman”. Thanks to the friendly, talented and young team of the leaders, 23 children’s New Year parties of the Palace were held. And also in the piggy bank of the school, an event that was held by the Armanis – a large-scale charitable action for orphans and children from low-income families “Bala Meiirim siyla”.