According to results of the EXPO, the State Philharmonic of Astana is recognized to be the best cultural institution


Mayor’s office of Astana summed up the results of the International Specialized Exhibition “EXPO-2017”. Asset Issekeshev, the Mayor of Astana held award ceremony of the best employees and organizations that made a significant contribution to the event.

The honorary title of “The best cultural institution” was awarded to the State Academic Philharmonic of Astana.

The concert program of the Astana Philharmonic as part of the EXPO-2017 was extensive and varied enough. The creative teams of the State Academic Philharmonic of the Mayor’s office of Astana conducted 191 concerts from June 10 to September 10 and 14 of them were touring concerts in the regions and cities of Kazakhstan. The teams of the Astana Philharmonic took part in opening and closing of the international exhibition EXPO-2017, in opening ceremony of Ethnoaul, in opening of horse running competition for the President’s Cup, in concert program of the Kazakhstan Triathlon Cup’s III stage, in award ceremony of the “Urker”, in the “Legends of the Kazakh opera” concert – the project of B.Tulegenova, the People’s Artist of the USSR. They also participated in concert of the Italian Italian Orchestra under the direction of Ambrosio Sparani as part of EXPO on the Bayterek square and in huge project involving more than 1,000 musicians – performance of Symphony №8 of Gustav Mahler in the “Astana Opera” theater.  

The State Academic Philharmonic held many major concerts as part of EXPO-2017, such as “Genghis Khan”, “Alpamys”, “Kui Atassy – Korkyt”, “Kiz Zhibek pen Sansyzbai”, “Zhassay ber, Kazakh Yeli!”, “Altai” – Tarbayatay anderi, Oleng sozdіng patchassy, Voice of Asia, thereby acquainting all residents and guests of Astana with a rich Kazakh musical culture. Also during the solo concerts of the outstanding artists of the Astana Philharmonic were presented to the audience.

3 major music festivals were held: ASTANA SAMALY – VIII International Festival of Brass Orchestras , SERPER – V Republican Festival of Orchestras of Kazakh Folk Instruments; SHASHU – II International Folk Dance Festival in memory of M.Tleubaev, the Honored Artist of the Republic of Kazakhstan. During the festivals, creative groups performed at all venues of the city: City square, square near the Baiterek monument and Stolichny, Studenchesky, Zheruiyk parks . In addition, the teams of the Astana Philharmonic Society participated in such major festivals as the International Festival of the Eurasian Music Games, World Puppet Festival, Ethno-Folk Jazz Festival, etc.

On Saken Abdrakhmanov’s initiative, the artistic director of the Philharmonic, a unique project Uly Dala was created where every Thursday and Friday all the creative groups of the State Academic Philharmonic Society of Astana performed with concert programs until September 8 on the square in front of the Astana concert hall. 

In addition, the team of the Astana Philharmonic participated in the concerts from the “Dumandy Saryarka” cycle as part of EXPO-2017 in residential areas such as Koktal-1, Kugengar, Michurino, Internatsionalny, Zheleznodorozhny, Silikatny, Ondiris, Ilyinka and Prigorodny. The artists took part in concerts devoted to the Days of Culture of France, Poland, Italy, Turkey, Belgium, as well as the Days of Culture of Kyzylorda, Mangystau and Karaganda regions in Astana. 

This summer, there were held 8 concerts of Korkyt, the traditional music group, Shalyma, the ensemble of folk dance, soloists of classical, pop and folk singing in the villages of Almaty region – Baltyk bei, Mukyry, Shubar, Karabulak, Lepsi, Kapal, Ushtobe and Taldykhoran city.

The State Academic Philharmonic of the Mayor’s office of Astana once again demonstrated its wide concert and musical activities to the general public aimed at broadly propagandizing the high achievements of the national and world musical culture. Today the Philharmonic of Astana is rightly one of the leading concert and educational institutions of the capital.

Department of Culture, Archive
and Documentation of Astana City