On December 18, the main New Year tree lightning will take place in Astana and the largest ice town will be open in the country


On December 18, the ceremony of lighting the main New Year tree of the country and the Ice Town opening, which will be located on the territory of EXPO-2017, will be held. The entertaining program for visitors will begin at 17:00 p.m., the ceremony of New Year tree lighting will be accompanied by colorful fireworks.

It is noteworthy that all constructions of the town will consist exclusively of ice, without the use of metal and wooden structures and skeletons.

For adults, two large slides with a height of 5 meters and a length of 40 meters are erected, for children there are also two but smaller slides – 2.5 and 14 meters, respectively. However, the theme of the ice town this year will be “EXPO-2017: Future Energy”, so there will be ice copies of the Crystal Palace, built for the first exhibition of EXPO in 1851 in London’s Hyde Park and the Eiffel Tower, the entrance arch of the 1889 exhibition.

An original gateway to the town will be the icy inscription “Zhana zhyl 2018 New Year”, which stretches for 50 meters in length.

A special interest in children will be caused by a copy of the famous Disney Land Palace, with a height of 6 meters. Bright colors dilute the composition of figures of minions, heroes of popular comic books, lightning McQueen, three-meter ice statues of Grandfather Frost and Snow Maiden. All of them will be made of colored ice, which is produced directly on the construction site by an ice generator with the addition of colors.

However, the town’s guests will be able to visit the 80-meter labyrinth with a height of up to one and a half meters. Small architectural forms in a futuristic style will be installed throughout the perimeter of the town.

About two hundred spotlights and LED light tubes will be illuminating the town. The main New Year tree of the country will be located at the foot of “Nur Alem” pavilion.

Another ice town will be open in the central square in front of the city akimat. Here the skating rink will work, a container for the rental of skates, donut tubes, catering and a large LED screen will be located next to it. Besides Grandfather Frost and Snow Maiden, the New Year tree will be surrounded by 12 ice sculptures of the eastern calendar, the height of each sculpture is 3.5 meters.

Large and small slides will also be built here for adults and children.        

Construction works on ice town erection are in full swing, but most of the work is already over. It is worth noting that the state of the town constructions will be tracked and, if necessary in case of warm weather and melting, the figures will be returned to their original appearance. 

Department of culture, archives

and documentation of Astana