Exhibits of “ALZHIR” museum are displayed at the exhibition at Nazarbayev University


Museum-memorial complex of political repressions and totalitarianism’s victims “ALZHIR” conducts a traveling exhibition “In memory of generations”. Unique exhibits are presented at Nazarbayev University within the framework of the implementation of the President’s program article “Bolashak bagdar: rukhani zhangyru”.

The exhibition presents photographs and archival documents of the people’s commissar of the public health of the Kazakh SSR Khassen Nurmukhamedov and his wife Kira Berseneva, a member of the Executive Committee Presidium of Kazakhstan Mukhamedkali Tatimov and his wife Shakitay, a prosecutor of the Kegenskiy district of Almaty region Shakir Gaysin and his wife Gaynizhamal, a prisoner of “ALZHIR” Sulukhan Bigizbayeva , a chairman of Amtorg Saul Bron and his wife Clara, a director of Dobrush branch of Liechtenstein State Bank Sevek (Sender) and his wife Yenta Lichtenstein, a deputy director of the State Bank of the USSR Solomon Kharin and his wife Sophia Zilberberg.

All these people went through the tortures of an extremely brutal Stalinist punitive machine that destroyed millions of families and stomped out human destinies. Those who did not bow the dictatorship were shot and subjected to mass repressions as “enemies of the people”, and their wives, parents, brothers, sisters, sons and daughters found themselves behind the barbed wire.

In addition, in spite of the fact that subsequently the justice in relation to the totalitarian system’s innocent victims was restored, nothing can fix the broken destinies of people. Such exhibitions help to preserve the memory of the events of the 30-50s of the 20th century and contribute to the formation of a feeling of patriotism and morality in younger generation in order to avoid a repetition of the tragedy in the future.

The Department of culture, archives
and documentation of the city of Astana