How Astana will celebrate Nauryz meiramy


A rich cultural and entertainment program was prepared by the capital in honor of celebrating, perhaps, the long-awaited spring celebration – Nauryz Meiramy. By already established tradition, the main events will be held on March 21 and 22 on the open areas of the city. Street festivities will be held from 10:00 a.m. to 18:00 p.m.

This year, the main outdoor festivals will be organized on the territory of “EXPO” exhibition and not on the square near “Khan Shatyr” SEC, as in previous years. Also, festive events will be held in “Kazak Yeli” square, City square, “Student” park and residential areas “Zhagalau”, “Kuigenzhar”, “Industrialniy”, “Internatsyonalniy”, “Michurino”, “Zheleznodorozhniy”, “Prigorodniy” “Urker”, “Koktal”, “Ondiris”. All sites provide for the organization of concert programs, installation of more than 40 yurts, and altybakans. In venues there will be organized a trade, field events on national sports.

Ethnical village with yurts will be organized on the territory of Astana EXPO International Specialized Exhibition, and also a festive concert will be organized. Near each yurt, national ceremonies will be shown, performed by artists of Astana city theaters, as well as representatives of ethno-cultural associations. In the square of the festive ethnical village, a museum complex of five yurts will be also installed. There will be such museums as “Golden Man”, “Museum of National Musical Instruments”, “Museum of Ethnography of Kazakh people”, “Museum of national jewelry” and “Museum of national hunting”. A separate zone will be assigned to a food court. Large cooking pots will be installed there for cooking pilaf, Nauryz-kozhe and baursak.

In concession stands there will be hot dishes selling of oriental cuisine. An exhibition-sale of arts and crafts will be organized on the territory.

Also national sports games – kazakh kures, arkan tartys, lifting weights, lifting a sheep will be held on the territory of ethnical village. Here everyone can check his strength and endurance.

At the same time, within the framework of the celebration of Nauryz meiramy, dog races and an exhibition of ancient Kazakh dogs of greyhounds’ breed- tazy and sheep-dogs’ breed- tobet will take place on the territory of ethnical village.

We invite all residents and guests of the capital to meet together the bright holiday Nauryz, which is symbolizing the beginning of nature renewal!

In addition to outdoor festivals, all cultural institutions of Astana will host events dedicated to the celebration of Nauryz Meiramy.

On March 21, “Zhanargan zher, bak kongan nurly yel” Kazakhstan musical will be presented at Congress Center of EXPO exhibition. The event will involve young talents, new names of theatrical art – opera, ballet, and theater. All action will be accompanied by classical world music and well-known compositions of Kazakh composers performed by the symphony orchestra. On the same day at “Astana” Concert hall there will be “Auylym-anim” concert.

The day before on March 20, “Zhastar” palace invites guests to enjoy “Woman-Spring” concert program.

On March 16, “ALZHIR” museum organizes “Welcome, Nauryz!” festive cognitive entertaining program for children, brought up in orphanage of Astana and subject oriented school boarding houses. On the same day, an exhibition of young artists and photo artists of the capital, associated to Nauryz Meiramy, will be held in “Mangilik Yel” Triumphal arch, and the Directorate for ensuring the preservation of monuments and objects of historical and cultural heritage will hold “Nauryz – beibitshilik zhane dostyk merekesi” event. From 19 to 23 March, “Astanaga kosh keldin- Az Nauryz” exposition will work in the museum of Saken Seifullin.

Book exhibitions, theatrical evenings with a demonstration of national ceremonies, library show, thematic quizzes, and ethnographic exhibitions will be held in all libraries of the capital during the holidays.

A detailed schedule of events will be published on the website

Department of culture, archives and
documentation of Astana city